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I'm working in a big internet company as a project manager, and fortunately going to many events of our company and other companies, and to each I am getting an invitation for two. Sometimes I'm holding a kind of relationship, but nothing is holding on too much with me, because I'm probably "not the guy". Through the years I have found an appropriate alternative, but not a cheap one –
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A few months ago I was at a party of our "nemesis" company, and of course I got there with a girl from exclusive Tel Aviv escort service, like I'm doing every once in a while. But that is exactly when I met another escort girl in there and asked myself with whom she has arrived to the party. Then I met one of the company's VP's, coming back to her and hugging her, greeting me. If it fits to me, why won't it fit to anyone else? He is a single father that his wife has passed away few years ago, and between his job and his kids, he has no time to find himself a partner.
VIP escorts in Tel Aviv are sending him the same girl over and over again for him to feel some connection to her, and create a repetitive experience to simulate a relationship.

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I think if there wasn’t VIP escorts in Tel Aviv, the crime was way worse, people would not know how to discharge their energies without causing any damage. There was much more prostitution, with horrible work conditions for the ladies. And people who won't have their sexual relief, will probably go out there and rape some poor women who did nothing wrong. It is not smart to deny the right of sexual relief, and that’s exactly why the police and government do not address this so called issue.